The Sims

Stardew Valley world

This is my first experience with CAW so there was a learning curve. Its crude in places. Its not perfict is far from it and the little i played with it is playable if you want to use it for stories.


  • Rotating town festival lot for spring summer and fall. I took some artistic licence and all festivals are in the town square. Obviously I could only do one festival a season so I tried to mesh them
    together. Summer however is the fair.
  • All NPC lots including Alex Ice cream stand and the traveling merchant. I guess her cart broke down and she is staying in stardew permanently.
  • Made with all expansion packs in mind. I'm sure you can play this without all the EP but ┬ákeep it in mind if you want festivals or farm animals.
  • No sims included. I know with the wonderful SV modding community everybody has there own idea of villagers they head cannon thats beyond the basic vanilla version of the game.

  • More information and Download